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Legal requirements fulfillment

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The application CONTROL H&S has been developed by a group of entrepreneurs whose target is to contribute to provide a new method of hygiene, health and safety control. We aim to guide companies towards more efficient, automated and real-time management system by using more sustainable, productive and effective means.

After many years of experience in the consulting, training, auditing, design and computing area and after analyzing a large number of establishments, we can confirm that most of the companies have weaknesses that deeply affect their efficiency in this area.

  • Their self controlled systems have a very low efficiency level since they are overloaded with paper records, avoiding the possibility to generate real time information.
  • They miss the following tools:
    • Control on a daily basis (accomplished by management) on different areas & departments duties.
    • A more effective control to meet the legal regulations in every establishment.
    • A better communication between departments.
    • Easy access to regular and specific training.
  • No adaptation to new technologies.
  • New sustainable systems, making an abusive use of paper.
  • Deficiencies standardising the different systems and requirements  in only one APP that generate real time data and connect users with the establishment, workers, suppliers, and customers.
  • Restore customer’s trust in order to plan their travels with information that guarantees their health & safety.

The lack of compliance with the legal requirements, also demanded by clients, tour operators, etc. can generate a loss of sales, economic sanctions, restrictions on hiring and therefore a loss of efficiency.

Nowadays, in order for an establishment to be successful, it requires of real time information, sustainability and technologically innovated tools that control health & safety issues, which is the key to strengthen prevention and avoiding the spreading of infections.

CONTROL H&S functionalities


What is Control H&S software?

It is a cloud multiplatform application which has been created to manage the hygienic-sanitary and safety requirements. Control H&S helps to control, manage and verify all the obligations of the companies, with a better and more efficient control.

  • The multi platform app has access from any device (web navigator, mobile device, tablet, etc) and works under any operative system
  •  The app allows management and head of the departments to have a total control of the company, affiliates and department, with just one click access.
  • Through a system of duties assigned to the responsible department, it guarantees to meet the legal requirements, helping to make a correct preventive maintenance and reducing human mistakes.
  • It improves communication between company, customers and workers by publishing information that is available by scanning the QR code.
  • Adapted records to legal regulations (HACCP, Legionella,…..) and other records such as the uptakes
  • The corrective maintenance could be found in the section named “reports”. These can be created by any user and assigned to each department to be corrected. Every report has in its own, its own group of tasks and chats.
  • Communication is fluid and can be held and directed to any specific department through a “chat room”, reducing  phone calls during and out  of labour schedule,  therefore, avoiding workplace harassment.
  • It has different sections that help the establishment organize all the important documents:, authorizations, insurances, certificates, technical sheets, manual procedures, audits, analytics, posters, emergency plans, risks assessments etc.
  • In case of any kind of inspection, the app allows an easy access to the documents needed (informs, certificates, authorizations, etc), the documents just have to be selected and printed.
  • All information according to emergencies are unified. Therefore, the assigned department has full access to the emergency, evacuation and other relevant plans.
  • Effective control of the employees’ training.
  • The online academic platform allows employees to train themselves if necessary in order to develop  their tasks correctly. The platform contributes to a continuous training for employees in different matters: hygiene, safety, etc.  making easier to take these courses  during  a normal workday.
  • A better and efficient way to control incidents with customers.
  • The hard and boring task of sending reports required by the public administrations is solved with only one click.
  • From the very first minute the APP is operative and adapted to your own establishment requirements. We offer a personal and online training of the app.
  • Available in any language.


Nuestra aplicación es ideal para llevar el control de cualquier empresa con requisitos higiénico - sanitarios.
Algunos ejemplos son:


Hoteles, alojamientos turísticos, hostales, etc.


Restaurantes, cafeterías, bares, etc.


Industria alimentaria, distribución alimentos, etc.


Supermercados, tiendas de alimentación y congelados, etc.

Public Bodies

Ayuntamientos, diputaciones, cabildos, etc.


Excursiones, cofradías, asociaciones, etc.

How does CONTROL H&S benefit clients?

Ejemplo aplicado a un hotel.


CONTROL H&S certification

Preventive measures of infections propagation and COVID-19.

This security certification is created by the ongoing worries due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is important to cover the needs for a control, traceability and a transformation of the company´s safety and higiene in order to provide a meaured value of measures aimed at guaranteeing the safety of workers, oficial organizations, and customers. There is also a need to set up the digital technologies providing information in real time.
It is a private system of a voluntary and independent certification which guarantees a fulfillment of all the demands regarding safety and hygiene issues.

By fulfilling all the defined standards, we get to a safety guarantee, a distinguishing hallmark which contributes to have an efficient control of the protocols and measures that must be accomplished, as well as to have a reputation with regard to the customers.

Accredited by a multidisciplinary team of professionals on the strenght of a certification evaluation.

Safety and hygiene must be fundamental principles to control,  but based on a defined guideline, which offers a way to provide added value to the company against the measures taken to prevent the spread of infections and against COVID-19.
The certification is based on 7 basic safety and hygiene standards, specified by the multidisciplinary team based on the rule established by the WHO, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Tourism:

APPLICATION that generates safety and health data in real time, and optimize communication.

  • Every worker must have their own account user and they must have access to the documentation, so it is possible to make a record of their activities.
  • Compliance with LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: legionella, swimming pools, HACCP.
  • Creation of a CRISIS COMMITTEE and a CHART with the definition of responsibilities.
  • PREVENTION PROTOCOLS will be established of each department or area following the standards defined for each one.
  • TRAINING of 100% workers of the company.
    • Crisis management.
    • Prevention protocols.
    • Action protocols of each department or area.
  • INFORMATION TO WORKERS through updated posters of all required information; hand washing, correct use of gloves, information to have taken into account in case of suspicion, etc.
  • INFORMATION TO CUSTOMERS of the preventive measures being carried out by the establishment through QR code scanning or url access.
  • Information that must be accessible to customers:
    • POSI Prevention Protocols.
    • CONTROL H&S Certificate of COMPLIANCE with preventive measures.
    • Certificates from external L + D companies.
The duration of the certificate will be annual.

The certificate will be delivered in digital format, so that it can be printed in order to expose it in the appropriate places. It will be possible to use the distinctive of the certificate during its period of validity to expose it on any of the platforms available to the company. In case of digital platforms the certificate will have a link where appears the certificate standards.


This challenge is a global call to reach the most disruptive startups, entrepreneurs and drive solutions to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on tourism through health, economic and destination management solutions. A step forward for Sustainable Development in a crisis situation.

CONTROL H&S seleccionada entre las 10 mejores soluciones tecnológicas del mundo para devolver la salud al turismo. A esta convocatoria mundial nos hemos presentado más de 1100 empresas de más de 110 países, y estamos muy agradecidos de poder ser una de las diez seleccionadas como mejores herramientas informáticas para garantizar la seguridad frente al Covid-19 en los hoteles.

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Full control

The management will have full visibility of the health and safety control of the Company and its different departments and subidiaries.

Scheduled tasks

The staff will be able to know their daily tasks with precision. It reduces human errors due to ignorance about the tasks and also due to use of traditional supports.


It reduces the time required to prepare an audit or inspection.

Preventing error

It helps in order to prevent mistakes during audits or inspections. The establishment has a computerized control of all the regulatory compliance in the cloud application Control H&S.


The data will be safe in order to the strict security measures. Daily backups are made.


Effective control of the employees’ training.

Improve your HR department

Improvement of the Human Resources department regarding compliance with the training plan as well as a specific training in relation to the Control H&S application.

Cloud App

It is a cloud application. Anyone can access from anywhere. The installation is not needed.

Regular updates

Regular upgrades are made, available immediately with no installation required.


It is a product that adds value to your brand, as it is sustainable and environmentally friendly in order to use of new technologies.


It Prevents the risk of contagious infections and COVID-19.

Online Academy

Prevention of infection training for staff. Job specific training.



QR Codes

It improves communication between company, customers and workers by publishing information that is available by scanning the QR code.

Install now in your company

Take control of your company, carry out effective management in Safety and Hygienic - Sanitary requirements.


The multidisciplinary team of Control H&S is specialized in:

  • Preventive measures in the spread of infections.
  • The hygienic and sanitary area in terms of prevention of spread of infections, water, swimming pools, legionella, and security control.
  • Direction and management of tourist establishments and food industry.
  • Consulting, audits and training.
  • Requirements which are demanded by tour operators to tourist establishments, excursion companies, and tourist transports.
  • Management systems for: prevention of spread of infections, quality, environment, sustainability, IFS…
  • Development of apps.
  • Design of frontend environments.

Nayra Irga Pérez

Planning & certification

Valeria Pavlovskaya

Health & safety

Rafael Menéndez

Development and support

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